Summer interns in WQTL: Aquaculture electrolysis project

This summer our lab received two undergraduate students as interns from outside GIST.
They are Jungsuk woo from Chungnam University and Jungmoon ryu from Korea maritime and ocean University.
They stayed in GIST for?approximately one month (ended in 1st August 2015) to join a program called
"GIST SESE Summer Internship Program and Environmental Olympiad". The research topic that they took
was about electrolysis of seawater to make the oxidants to treat aquaculture waste water.

Throughout the internship, they learned many new and resourceful experiences such as studying about
basic theory of electrolysis and oxidation using hypochlorite and its fate in seawater background.
During the study, they had enjoyed exploring Gwangju with WQTL members including playing in the valley
water, game with WQTL lab members and tasting the delicious Korea's south region foods. They said
ˇ°we learned about graduate student's mind and life. Also governmental project is nice chance to us.
We want to sincerely thank to all of the WQTL lab members for being kind and making us more professional."