The 3rd Water Research Conference

Prof Yunho Lee, Soyoung Na (M.S.), and Sung Eun Lim (researcher) attended 3rd Water Research Conference
in Shenzhen, China from 11th to 14th Jan 2015.

The conference addressed two main topics: 1) catalytic processes and new materials and technologies in water/wastewater treatment and 2) water reuse and product recovery from water/wastewater treatment.
All attendees were provided with cutting-edge and profound knowledge of the topics from various sessions
and talks by eminent invited speakers.

Prof Lee delivered two presentations about transformation of ет-lactam antibiotics by ferrate (VI) and kinetic
aspects and NDMA formation of transformation of Ranitidine which was supposed to be presented by Zahra R.
Hidayat (M.S.) who unfortunately could not join the conference. Soyoung Na and Sung Eun Lim also presented
their current researches about elimination of organic micropollutants with horseradish peroxidase-hydrogen
peroxide process and transformation mechanisms of hydrazine derivatives to NDMA.

Overall the conference was highly inspirational and informative by provoking valuable debates among professionals and also students and offering networking opportunities within them.