The 12th Annual UNU & GIST Joint Programme Symposium

Prof Yunho Lee , Anggita Karlesa 'Leshya' (PhD student) and Younggun Yoon (Phd student) joined The 12th
UNU & GIST Joint Programme Symposium, Vietnam. This symposium is an annual international symposium
which has been held in Korea and South East Asia Country every year. In October 2014, The International
Environmental Analysis and Education Center (IEAEC) (GIST, Korea) in partnership with Hue University of
Sciences organized the 12th annual symposium hosted by the UNU and GIST Joint Programme, "Issues on
Environmental Multi-Pollutants".

This symposium was take place in Da Nang, Vietnam, October 27-29, 2014.

The 2014 Symposium aims to serve as a focal point to bring together leading experts and researchers to
discuss the unique challenges dealing with diverse issues on multi-pollutants that can be occurred in any
environmental circumstances. Many talks were multidisciplinary with emphasis on the broad environmental
impacts that varying aspects of environmental multi-pollutants have on the ecosystem and public health.

In this conference, Prof. Yunho Lee presented Gravity-Driven Membrane (GDM) process and Leshya
presented about Transformation of ет-lactam Antibiotics During Water Treatment With Ferrate (HFeVIO4-)
and Chlorine Oxidation : Reaction Kinetics,Transformation Product and Changes of Antibacterial Activity.
It was a great opportunity for us and all participants to interact with each other, also enjoyed the tropical
weather and visit several Vietnam tourism place (My Son Anchor, Hoi Ahn Traditional Village and Danang
Han River).