The 7th International Desalination Workshop Conference

This conference was an international conference which was held in Lotte City Hotel Jeju in Korea.
(2014.11.5~8) Dahee and Soyoung attended the conference with each poster. (Dahee: Transformation of
ranitidine during water treatments with chlorine, ozone, UV, and UV/H2O2: Kinetics and effects on NDMA
formation potential / Soyoung: Elimination of organic micropollutants during enhanced wastewater treatment
with horseradish peroxidase-hydrogen peroxide (HRP-H2O2) process). The main topic of this conference was
"Low-Energy and New Materials System Desalination". And the presentation and discussion were divided into
8 sessions, which were World status of water desalination, New materials and Nano technology, Membrane
biofouling, Membrane distillation and brine, Low energy desalination and FO, Solar energy driven desalination.
In this conference, it was especially useful for the academic and industry people in desalination area to have
a discussion about differences in each field and share information.