WQTL members(Jaedon, Soyoung, and younggun) including professor
Lee went to Singapore to Participate in MICROPOL & ECOHAZARD

Professor Lee received excellence in reviewer award from
ES&T is one of the top journal in the field of environmental science
and engineering (ACS jounral).
The award was established in 2003 to appreciate the efforts of
exceptional reviewers each year.
Find more information at

The IEEC 2015 Korean society of environmental engineers
WQTL members including professor Lee went to busan, korea to
participate in IEEC 2015 Korean society of environmental engineers.
Sungeun Lim (advisor, Prof. Yunho Lee) received
Sungeun Lim who was researcher in WQTL got prize as excellent
oral presentation presenter from 2014 Korean society of
environmental engineers conference. Her topic was NDMA formation
during ozonation of daminozide: reaction kinetics, mechanisms.
Although she went to EAWAG in switzerland as doctor degree,
all of WQTL members want to congratulate her award news sincerely.
We wish her study will continue better and make it successful.

New People in WQTL.
Jung-Suk is a new master degree student in WQTL since 2015. August.
He graduated from ChungNam National University majoring in
material science and engineering before joinning WQTL.
He is planning to research on electrolysis to make the oxidants to
treat waste water.
2015 happy graduation ceremony on August
By 25th August 2015, GIST held Summer Commencement Ceremony,
it is glad to celebrate one more member of WQTL, Dongwhi Lee,
completed his master degree in success.

Summer interns in WQTL: Aquaculture electrolysis project
This summer our lab received two undergraduate students as
interns from outside GIST.
They are Jungsuk woo from Chungnam University and Jungmoon
ryu from Korea maritime and ocean University.
They stayed in GIST for?approximately one month (ended in 1st
August 2015) to join a program called "GIST SESE Summer?
Internship Program and Environmental Olympiad".?
The research topic that they took was about electrolysis of seawater
to make the oxidants to treat aquaculture waste water.

happy Teachers day
Teacher is a person who always helps everybody to get the
knowledge and always stands beside the students when they have
problems. Dear our lovely Teacher, You are not only a wonderful
teacher but also an inspiration to us all!
  New People in WQTL.
Ji Woon joined as a new student on course of master degree in
WQTL since 2015, March. he graduated from GIST college majoring
in chemistry. In WQTL, he will study on transformation products of

and prediction, verification of their toxicity.

2015 happy graduation
As February approached its end, on the 25th February 2015, GIST
held graduation ceremonies to award degrees to their doctoral,
master, and bachelor graduates.

This semester, five WQTL residents receiving MS graduate degrees
include: Dahee Jeon, Kim Jisoo, Donghyeon Lee, Na Soyoung and
Zahra Ramadhani. It has been great pleasure for the WQTL members
to be able to work with them, even to the point that we have
become more than just colleagues.

WQTL goes to workshop in Muju Resort
Another year goes by, another winter comes! On the 25th and 26th
of January 2015, WQTL visited Muju Resort for a night to conduct
a workshop. With a refreshing and different surrounding we had the
opportunity to discuss the progress we have made in 2014, whether
its academic, research or personal-related issues.
The 3rd Water Research Conference
Prof Yunho Lee, Soyoung Na (M.S.), and Sung Eun Lim (researcher)
attended 3rd Water Research Conference
in Shenzhen, China from 11th to 14th Jan 2015.

IWA in Deagu of Korea
Prof. Lee and Donghyun Lee and Jisoo Kim (M.S student) joined IWA
(International Water Association)
regional conference on water reuse and energy in Deagu.

The 12th Annual UNU & GIST Joint Programme Symposium
Prof Yunho Lee , Anggita Karlesa 'Leshya' (PhD student) and
Younggun Yoon (Phd student) joined The 12th UNU & GIST Joint
Programme Symposium, Vietnam. This symposium is an annual
international symposium which has been held in Korea and South
East Asia Country every year. In October 2014, The International
Environmental Analysis and Education Center (IEAEC) (GIST, Korea)
in partnership with Hue University of Sciences organized the 12th
annual symposium hosted by the UNU and GIST Joint Programme,
"Issues on Environmental Multi-Pollutants".

The 7th International Desalination Workshop Conference
This conference was an international conference which was held in
Lotte City Hotel Jeju in Korea.

(2014.11.5~8) Dahee and Soyoung attended the conference with
each poster. (Dahee: Transformation of ranitidine during water
treatments with chlorine, ozone, UV, and UV/H2O2: Kinetics and
effects on NDMA